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Romances in cyberpunk 2077

So looking tacky or sharp with whatever gear you obtain does not usually matter we mean a few characters will comment about your look but it just seems to be the same dialogue no matter how you look but what will matter is if you have a female or male character as some npcs do react and speak differently to v but also romances in cyberpunk 2077 do change some characters are only into female v while others are only into male v as far as we understand having enough eddies will open new routes but also sometimes it’s just required so do try to save up this isn’t necessarily to do with the main storyline but there’s quite a few moments within side related content that having a pocket full of cash is necessary or at the very least a dialogue option one example that we will give since we’ve seen this quest like a hundred times in marketing since 2018 is when you deal with the maelstrom gang and their gang leader Royce has his handgun pointed at you.


If you’ve explored the Watson district earning 10 000 eddies in those first couple of hours you unlock a different route which will change how the quest is done also when you take on the fist-fighting minigame most encounters will require a certain amount of eddies to use to bet on yourself now with quests.

Unlock Different Routes

You can unlock different routes through having enough eddies but there’s also more hidden options available these largely depend on if you explore and investigate a compound or area typically characters will give small nods to potential hidden options like one good example is that we assumed one character had died in a mission but loading an autosave exploring the level further we discovered that we well could actually save their life your attributes and how high up a specific stat is leveled up to will decide if you can utilize a specific dialogue option or unlock a different path through a level so for example having enough points in your tech ability will impact if you can open doors easily when dealing with some characters they will sometimes just not listen or care about what you may have said and if you have enough points invested into the body stat you can pretty much just intimidate them to get your way another example is when you deal with Cyberpunk 2077 Netrunner Builds and when they start speaking very detailed about the tech they use.


If you have enough points invested in say the intelligent stat you can add some of your own knowledge to the fold but as this is an rpg you cannot max out each stat so investing into reflexes body and intelligence primarily like we did in my first playthrough comes with having to sacrifice my cool and tech stats this matters especially when trying to do stealth which can be an optional objective and some fixer-related quests which are called gigs sometimes fixers like wakako okado will call you up and present you with a gig and she’ll mention that her client requests that you act discreetly or not raise an alarm if you complete that side objective you’ll gain a bonus reward on top of the eddies given for the gig if you don’t.

Bonus Reward

However, you’ll still get the Eddie’s but no bonus reward and the dialogue from the fixer will typically sound a bit angry that you went in guns blazing when they asked you to not one good example that we can give is that we was in luxury apartments in the westbrook district reaching a target’s location we was only given one option for stealth which depended on my tech ability points which we obviously just didn’t have enough of so we had to break a window to access another door which unfortunately raised an alarm which sent drones after me because we did that we missed out on the bonus reward fixers play a central role in cyberpunk 2077 Nativegamer side content whenever you access new locations they will call you up and present jobs that you can take on for them but also fixers will send offers for vehicles see in cyberpunk 2077.

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