Right and Informative Facts about Water

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water in different languages

71 percent of the area of earth is covered with water. This liquid is essential for life. Life is not possible without water. Our body contains above 60 percent of water which helps our body to regulate temperature and body tasks perfectly.

We can survive 8 days without food but only 3 days without water. All living things include plants and animals need water to live. This is a great gift of GOD for us. We use water in different ways in our daily life.

We use it for drink, cook food, cleaning, bath. All the water for our use come from under ground. This is fact that most part of earth is covered with water but usable water for us is only 1 percent which is underground. The remaining water is in form of oceans, seas and we cannot use it at home because it has a large amount of salt.

Water chemical name is H2O, it consist of hydrogen and oxygen. Water has different names in different languages, If you want to know how to say water in different languages, the visit The Different Languages.

Water also regulate the temperature of earth. Our brain consist 75% of water and plants also have that amount of water.
Ice is a form of water. water is liquid and ice is solid. But it flots on water because it is lighter than water.

In USA, 500 billion gallon water is used every day. It has capicity to dissolve more substance as compare to other liquid.
In some countries which are under develop, women have to do much struggle and hardword to get water for their home and daily use for families. It is not available easily everywhere.

If you have available water easily 24 hours then you are luck and you should thanks GOD.
Many childred expired daily in the world due to Unsafe water. In under develop countries, major reason of illness is unhealthy water. On the same side in some developing countries, 50% water is wasted due to leakage.

Its freezing temperature is 0 degree Celsius and boiling temperature is 100 degree Celsius.
If the water is pure then it has no smell and taste and its PH level will around 7.

A jellyfish is made up of water with 95 percent of water on it.
A huge amount of water used daily in steel manufacturing industries, 200 to 300 tons of water is required to produce just only 1 ton of steel. In the production process of Cars, companies use 25 thousand gallons water to produce just 1 new car.

Water consumption is increasing day by day due to increasing in the number of world population. Wasting of water is major problem,a running toilet can waste upto 700 liters of water daily.
Water expands 10 to 12 percent when it freeze due to which in winter season, water supply pipes and lines burst.

A leaked tap can waste thousands liter of water every year. The recommended amount of water to drink is minimum 8 glass daily. Trees move water from ground to atmosphere. Drinking water in bottles which is easily available in any market is very much expensive as compare to tap water available at homes.
In USA, consumption of water is 5 times more water than Europe.

Here we have mentioned some name of water in the different languages.
In Italian, it is called acqua
In Greek, it is called νερό (neró)
In Russian, it is called воды (vody)
Everyone should adopt the ways in which the wastage of water will be minimum because water is life.

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