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The other day, I was out with some girlfriends, when one of our common acquaintances approached us and said, with sad eyes, “What have you been doing recently to give your life meaning?”

My guess is that your reaction to the thought of someone asking you that question will be a good predictor of your reaction to Glitchhikers The Voids Between, which is billed as a “surreal trip through the voids between locales.” Do you think that starting a conversation with the question “what have you been doing to give your life meaning?” is a good approach to get people talking? What if you received a more appealing prompt than you are accustomed to receiving? Instead of a normal discussion, how about posing a massive question? Glitchhikers is a game in which you talk with what appear to be sentient windchimes while travelling along a one-way highway. If you’re like most people, you’ll find it appealing. a park filled with meditative animals that have strong religious beliefs in the power of magic, is where you go for a midnight walk.

As you can see from my framing of the discussion, I had a strong dislike for the guy in question from the beginning. As a starting point, no one is going to respond to the issue in a meaningful or philosophical manner, especially in the context of a pub, when everyone is clamouring to be heard and sharing a package of cheese and onion McCoys. It looked to be a complete and utter lie. My guess was that they were aiming to look more intelligent and engaging than the ordinary rube – morons who would simply inquire, “How’s it going?” As a result, I refuse to be scared or ashamed by the fact that I’ve been binge-watching Netflix and reading cheap paperbacks instead of thinking about life, the cosmos, and my place in it lately, you fucking cretin.

Alice0 had a good time with the previous incarnation of this game as well as the demo. I can see where you’re coming from. Personally, I enjoy the concept of Glitchhikers as well as the way it is presented in the film. Motorcycle jackets, bright colours, and vertical stripes are all popular fashion choices for the current season, much as liminal zones are. When waiting at an airport, who among us has not had a sense of alienation from the rest of the world? Moreover, in Glitchhikers, they’re actually rather wonderful places – the physical holes between locations. After each short excursion, you arrive at the roadside store at the far end of the universe, which is run entirely by robots and has curiously empty refrigerator cases to display. From there, you could take a car journey, a train ride, a stroll through a park, or even end yourself at the abandoned airport, all of which would bring you back to the same shop.

Each one of them exposes the path that the others have travelled. As you go through the park, you’ll see the airport and a railway track, while the highway passes through the same bizarre city of pink light that you’ll see through the train’s windows. Walking through this train, you could notice that every now and then a carriage transforms into a big winter wilderness or a city street. The park, like the rest of the city, is separated by secret portals and is filled with odd statues and light shows. To go through the airport, you can throw yourself over vacant kiosks and escalators, which will get you to your destination. While driving on a highway, other vehicles appear and go from view, and you are unable to catch up with or overtake any of them.

Everything takes place at night, or possibly very early in the morning, and is mostly coloured in purple, blue, pink, and sea green hues to match the night sky. A strange feel to Glitchhikers permeates the experience, as if you’re on the edge of waking up and falling asleep at the same time. The liminal feelings are fantastic. Everything about this place is unusual nasus counter, even the people you encounter: an alien in labour, and a person dressed in tartan who gave me the impression that they were in their teens. This is what occurs when you have a dream about someone you’ve met before and your brain tries to fill in the spaces with information about them.

The problem is that you are presumably expected to communicate with these persons. This is problematic. However, you are not obligated to do so, and you have the option to turn off certain topics such as sorrow in the menu or quit any dialogue at any time – in fact, I would have enjoyed the game much more if I had never spoken to any of the characters. Due to the fact that speaking with them is the only action accessible in the game other than gazing, I felt obligated to give it a go. That word was particularly appropriate in this context, since numerous interactions in it brought back recollections of nineteen-year-olds who had just finished a module on Foucault sitting about talking about themselves and their language. Have you ever considered the possibility that everyone else has thoughts and feelings that are just as big as yours, bruh?

The problems of each people you meet may differ – they may be worried with sadness or with creativity or with magic or with technology, for example – but despite the obvious amount of effort put into this, they will all communicate their issues in a tone that is remarkably identical to one another. The experience is similar to that of listening to someone else’s perfectly planned ideas, in which they are aiming to present an air of intellect and reflection through their language use. Even worse, all of this conspires to undermine the bizarre presentation. Because you’re dreaming, it’s not as if bizarre things happen in your dreams and you just accept them because you’re asleep. Just being conscious that I was awake made me realise how much of a jerk everyone I came into contact with seemed to be.

The individual with whom you’re chatting will always be able to include your response into their whole argument, and it tends to appear arrogant and claustrophobic as a result. Each of the responses you supply is accurate. Even while it’s intended to be quiet and tranquil, and I’m sure the uplifting platitudes will be just what some people need, I found the experience to be utterly friction-free. Just to be spiteful, I started choosing the most direct replies I could find and sending them around. It answered with something along the lines of “well, but perhaps science is magic” when I explained that magic does not exist to the dog who was meditating with me. I persisted in my urging till it reacted with an ah well, never mind, and hoped that I had gained something from the conversation. Put a stop to it now! This is not correct! That is not how anyone feels! It’s a trick on the eye!

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