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Nikon has always been trying to develop user friendly and powerful camera systems in the beginner DSLR category. Nikon D3400 an adaption to D3300 comes with powerful 24-megapixel DX sensor, that can deliver powerful shots and high-quality photos.

Strictly speaking the camera is quite simple to use and includes all the basic attributes that a good beginner level camera must have. The main plus points of the camera include a 24MP APS-C CMOS sensor, crop-sensor camera sensor which is the main prime marketing point of this camera.

The camera also enables quick frame rates, great image stability, and ISO range from 100-25,600. The ISO range although is relatively low as compared to other counterparts but works fine for learning the basics of photography.

The camera with 11 autofocus points provide a precise focusing mechanism that provide astonishing solid results.

The camera is powered by a Expeed 4 image processing technology, a feature that a good DSLR camera must have.

The camera also enables 5fps continuous shooting speed which is quite acceptable for photographical beginners. The camera provides good image quality and chains at maximum resolution of 1920 x 1080 with 60fps video frame rate.

Although the camera is beginner level camera it also includes a dynamic feature of 420-pixel RGB metering system with 0 to 20 EV metering sensitivity.

Based on a solid picture-perfect technology the camera provides 0.85× viewfinder with 95% coverage for excellent viewing of your results.

The Bluetooth connectivity backed by Snapbridge system is highly impressive as it provides a good stable connectivity.

Powered by a powerful battery the camera provides an all-day shooting experience with more than 1200 shot battery life which is highly useful of you want to learn the basics of photography.

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