Valheim How To Get Wood Fast! Fine & Core Wood No Axe!

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Valheim How To Get Wood Fast

In today’s guide, you going to show you two different methods of how you can quickly get wood in valheim and in one of the methods you going to call it the super snazzy method because it means you can actually get wood that you’re not supposed to be able to get what you mean by that is let’s say you’re at the stage where you’re not yet at bronze right so you’ve just got one of these stone axes that means you can’t chop down trees like for example birch trees or oak trees because they are too tough well in this method you going to show you how you can actually get that wood even before you get any bronze the other method is just going to be a typical going out with an axe but you do have some little tricks up my sleeve that you think you guys are going to find useful to get you more wood very quickly so first thing we need to talk about is what you need to take with you when you set off now one of the obvious things is the cart.

You can take loads of wood with you because wood is heavy if you don’t have a cart there are other things you could take that would help for example this thing right which is the begging yard you hate this word but you guys know this belt right right it basically means you have 450 carry weight instead of the usual 300. if you want to get one of these you need to go to the trader again.

Now beyond that obviously you want to take out your axes but one thing to consider is axes are going to be able to break like reasonably quickly when you’re chopping down trees so you may want to take several axes or you may want to take some sort of workbench or forge or something like that with you all the materials to make that stuff you know so you can set up like a little bit of a work area while you’re out and about as always having a lot of food is a good idea chopping that wood does require stamina the bet your stamina is the better and you know weapons and armor never a bad idea because who knows what you’re going to encounter when you’re out and about that stuff is all fairly obvious let’s get into the super snazzy method and also the way that you can get wood very fast in valheim.

So for just the normal you know going out with your action chopping down trees are some little tips obviously we got our cart we want to set that up just a quick thing guys don’t have your cart too near where you’re going to be chopping down the trees because if a tree falls on it it can destroy the car and you know then you can’t use it so yeah don’t do that we want to find a very densely populated area of trees so somewhere where there’s lots of trees close together like you see and then it’s just a case of starting to chop them down revolutionary right you chop down trees to get Valheim Core Woods Native Gamer but here’s the thing when they fall they will start falling into each other and doing damage to each other for you so that one there’s already fallen into that one there as you can see just sort of leaning.

If you chop this one down there we go it only took one hit because it was already damaged and as it falls there did any break off sometimes like some will break off in that case no but we’re not done yet so we’re leave those oh there we go some did break off there we go we got some wood without even needing to do anything great so now we can chop down this tree and you can see there’s another tree that’s already fallen in the area there in fact there’s a couple so chop these trees down this is birch it’s a little bit harder and look at this they’re all like crushing each other and killing each other and now we take this one down and basically what you end up with doing is just saving yourself a whole lot of time because my job putting down these trees oh my goodness we’re run away one thing you’re doing this you do need to be careful is you have trees falling everywhere but you’re just save yourself a whole lot of time from having to chop down too many trees so with this method what you do is you leave this little tree great wait tree graveyard that’s what you was trying to say you leave that there you go to a new area and let me just check i’ve got no wood on me you change that you get rid of all this wood because you go and do this now just for five minutes you show you guys how much wood you get in five minutes with a bronze axe.

You have in this area so let’s see how we do alrighty guys this is my haul you actually had to change axes halfway through so you ran out of dribbling on the bronze this was partly bronze and partly stone axe for five minutes but one two three four stacks plus 22 so 222 wood in five minutes you mean that is not bad at all you certainly think a lot quicker than if you were just chopping down trees in a different method where they’re not close to each other like this now one thing to say is the logs when they fall obviously what part what we’re doing is getting them very close to each other so another little tip is you can stand like this and if you left click somewhere in the middle of these you’ll see you hitting both logs right now they’re both taking damage so again when you’re chopping down the logs at this stage you can do this to make sure you’re being as efficient as possible chopping down the logs by hitting them both at the same time doing lots of damage and getting lots of wood.

So for the super snazzy method you need to take a few things different with you first of all you don’t need any axes which you know is a bit weird for a wood cutting tutorial it’s worth taking them anyway because what we’re basically going to do is we’re going to get a troll to smash up a load of wood for us now when the troll does this what you’ll do is just splash up the trees and you’re going to get me hit you and you going to show you how to do this but you might end up with some logs left on the floor that you still want to chop up so you can take an ax with you but this is the whole point of this right is that you don’t necessarily need the axe that you need to get the wood if that makes sense you think so guys right anyway so you don’t need to take that having a carton it buy not a terrible idea because if you can get the troll to chop down enough you can still have obviously loads of wood stored up so that might be something worth considering.

Now we’re fighting a troll guys right so we are going to need a good amount of food it’s worth having like a good shield and also some weapons because eventually when you’re done when the trolls chop down enough wood for you and you’re like you’ll dismiss control what you want to do is kill him so you recommend a bow and arrows for this you have done a guide tutorial on how to easily kill these trolls using a bow and arrow and literally all you need is wooden arrows and any bow and it’s actually pretty simple.

It’s good to have some armor and stuff like that too but let’s have a look at how we actually you know get this troll to do some tree cutting for us just very quickly in case you didn’t know this if you are looking for a troll you will need to go to a black forest biome that is where they can spawn so we’ve managed to find a troll on the edge of the black forest and just up is a birch tree so you going to show you this with some birch trees and there’s some beets trees nearby as well now birch tree you need bronze to chop down so this would be a way that you can get some birch trees and there’s a couple together which is perfect you can get these birch series chopped down without needing to have any sort of acts whatsoever.

so what you going to do right now is just let him get kind of close to me so he’s going to have a hit but instead of hitting me he’s going to hit these trees so we go we get really close as soon as he starts to hit you want to get out of there but there we go he knocked this time he knocked one of the beech trees now we move again and there we go there goes the birch tree right there so you could do this for quite a while and get these trees chopped down now what you want to do is stand near so he’s going to chop up that and there we go he’s gone and hit the birch tree in half so now oh my goodness and you do need to get out there pretty quickly but there we go we’ve got some wood right there you think the one of the birch trees he’s chopped entirely but you see how much wood he’s chopping down just by having to go at me hey buddy you still all right don’t lose interest yep all right come back and then have a go at me again and run oh you missed everything that was a bad shot from him.

You can see the point right so you just keep doing this basically until such a time when he has chopped down enough wood and you’re ready to kill him you suppose but yeah once he chops out the rest of this perch we’ll see how much we got from this little thing right so you just went and picked up all the wood and as you can see there we got 68 normal wood and also 15 fine wood and that was just from like a few seconds of letting him do that we could have let him go through pretty much this entire forest for us if we had wished so yeah and looks like i’ve even missed some there so as you can see it’s a pretty efficient way of doing this and as you say it will get you wood that you can get ahead of when you should be able to get it within the game.

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